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Generation Skipping Tax & Dynasty Trusts

Generation Skipping Transfer Tax

In 1986 Congress passed a tax law which included enactment of the federal generation skipping transfer tax (GST). In a nutshell, the GST only permits an individual to pass a certain amount of money to someone more than one generation removed from him/her without incurring a tax on the transfer. The tax on the transfer is in addition to any estate tax that might have to be paid and is generally at the same rate as the estate tax rate. The purpose of the GST is to prevent individuals with large estates from escaping estate taxes by skipping generations.

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Private Foundations

Private Non-Operating Foundation vs. Private Operating Foundation A private foundation is a charitable organization that is distinct from a public charity.  A private foundation generally has a single funding source, such as an individual, family, or corporation, whereas a public charity usually solicits funds from the public in general.  Both private foundations and public charities […]

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