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How we work

Our personal approach to estate planning is designed to insure that your wishes are clearly communicated and will be understood by those closest to you. We take our time to get it right, and the entire process typically concludes in about 10 week’s time, at which point your estate plan is fully functional and funded.
  1. Scheduling Phone Call / Fees Outline
    1. When you contact us to make an appointment, a paralegal on our staff will gather your basic contact information to schedule a meeting date and time.
    2. The paralegal will also take notes about your general wishes and overall interest in estate planning.
    3. They will describe how fees are determined and will provide a rough estimate of fees for your desired services (the official fee estimate will be given by the attorney during the initial estate planning consultation).
    4. The paralegal will also arrange to send you a list of items to bring to the first meeting with the attorney. You may also download the list from our Resources Page, What to Bring.
  2. Initial Estate Planning Consultation / Fee Estimate – Week 1
    1. Next, our attorney will meet with you for your initial estate planning consultation.
    2. The first half hour of the meeting is free of charge. We use this time to answer your basic questions and gather the information needed to give you a fee estimate. At that time, you are free to decide if you want us to represent you and if so, your attorney proceeds to gather the detailed information needed for the drafting of the estate planning documents.
    3. Together, you and your attorney explore designations of successor trustees, executors, guardians for minor children, agents for power of attorney for asset management, and agents for healthcare. You will also discuss other important decisions such as the distribution of assets, ages for beneficiaries to inherit, and estate tax planning needs.
    4. Before the conclusion of the meeting, your attorney will set out a timeline for drafts of your estate planning documents to be delivered to you for review and a signing meeting will be scheduled.
  3. Document Drafting & Review – Weeks 2 to 4
    1. Your estate planning documents are drafted and delivered to you within approximately three weeks of the initial estate planning meeting.
    2. After reviewing the documents, if you have any changes or additions, please call our office during the two weeks between the time you receive the drafts and the document signing meeting.
  4. Document Signing Meeting – Week 6
    1. At the signing meeting, an attorney will review your documents with you and answer any questions you might have.
    2. A paralegal, who is also a Notary Public, will guide you through the signing process and completion of any Advance Healthcare Directives.
  5. Funding / Asset Transfers – Weeks 7 to 9
    1. Funding is the process of transferring title to your assets into the name of your Living Trust. We will help you transfer title to all of your assets. This is a necessary step for avoiding probate and making your estate planning documents effective.
    2. We will prepare the deeds to transfer all your real estate into the name of your trust. We will also prepare letters to each of your bank and brokerage accounts, asking them to transfer the accounts into the name of the trust.
    3. At the initial estate planning meeting, you will be asked to obtain blank change of beneficiary forms for each of your life insurance policies and retirement accounts. Our office will complete the change of beneficiary forms in the appropriate manner and will have the documents ready for your signature at the document signing meeting.
    4. In the two to three weeks following the signing, the paralegals will complete the necessary funding work. Some account institutions will want the ownership change on their own form and will send this form to you at your home. You will need to complete these forms, either with our help or on your own, in order to ensure that the funding of all assets into the name of the trust has been completed.
  6. Delivery of Permanent Documents – Week 10
    1. After the signing meeting, your signed estate planning documents will be packaged and copied and will be available for you to pick them up.
    2. Your documents will be blue-backed as proof that they are originals. These are delivered in a large envelope that should be put in a safety deposit box or other safe place. Our office maintains a hard copy and electronic copy of all documents in our files, but you will have the only original documents.
    3. You will also receive an estate planning binder with copies of all your documents that can be used as reference.
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