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Income Tax Services for High Net-Worth

Income Tax Planning and Tax Return Preparation

Taxes are a major consideration in the creation and retention of your wealth. Simply stated, wealth accumulates faster for those with a clear understanding that there are generally two opportunities to reduce the tax impact of any transaction or business activity. The first is before it occurs and the second is when it is reported. We’re here to help our clients take full advantage of both.

Income Tax Planning

Helping clients take into account the impact of taxes as they plan their activities throughout the year.

This includes making income tax projections each quarter and calculating estimated federal and state tax payments. We also engage in significant year-end planning, guiding clients in effective methods of tax deferral, tax reduction, and timing capital transactions for best income tax results. We play a major role in other transactions our clients engage in, advising them of the tax consequences and planning with them to achieve the best result, both from a tax standpoint and a non-tax standpoint.

Income Tax Return Preparation

Preparing income tax returns for high net-worth clients.

With a detailed understanding of the income tax laws (and transfer tax laws), we are experienced in the complexities that present themselves in the tax matters of wealthy clients. We prepare tax returns for clients with significant partnership holdings, capital transactions, or foreign investments, primarily:

  • Individual returns (1040)
  • Trust/estate returns (1041)
  • Partnership returns (1065)
  • Tax-exempt returns
  • Corporate returns (both 1120 and 1120-S)
  • Estate tax returns (706)
  • Gift tax returns (709)

What sets us apart in our tax return preparation is our customer service and level of expertise. We not only understand the complexity of our clients’ situations, we are also ready to step in if an IRS or FTB audit arises involving any income tax return we have prepared.

Reducing your tax liability requires informed decisions and year-round effort.

Dan Hall

I refer clients to Dan Hall because he is extraordinarily competent, very knowledgeable – and a CPA. That’s important to clients with large asset holdings.

I do collaborative divorce and mediation, so clear and open communication is a must, and Dan contributes greatly in that area. He’s soft-spoken, warm and attentive, and really knows how to handle what can often be an emotionally charged process for people. Because he is responsive, efficient, and thorough on follow through, my clients are always satisfied.”

Karen Heller Berdy
Law Offices of Karen Heller Berdy
Walnut Creek, CA