Dan Hall & Associates Solid Plans for Peace of Mind

Who we serve

There are certain events in life that make you realize that it is time to make important plans:
  • You get married or become a new parent;
  • An elderly or sick loved one requires your care;
  • You start a new job or profession
  • Your role in a business venture has changed;
  • You receive an inheritance;
  • Health challenges begin to arise;
  • You recognize you have put it off long enough

We help guide individuals and couples in making the decisions required for estate planning. We believe in the importance of taking the time to carefully explore your wishes and then helping you decide how to accomplish what is best for your loved ones. We’re here to take care of you and your family, both legally and personally.

Whether you are just starting out or have been working for many years, solid plans begin with asking basic questions BEFORE your loved ones need answers:

  • What would happen if you became sick today, or if you passed away tomorrow?
  • Who would make healthcare decisions for you?
  • Who would make financial decisions for you?
  • Who would care for your children?

The answers we develop together will determine your need for a living trust, a will, a durable power of attorney for asset management, or a healthcare directive.

Your estate plan may also help you avoid the costs and time of probate, minimize or eliminate estate tax, pass on assets to loved ones and/or charities, and care for minor children, elderly parents, or family members with special needs.

With our unique income tax expertise, we develop your estate plan with a clear understanding of the tax implications for your specific situation. The comprehensive plan that we develop with you will be personally crafted to meet your wishes and achieve favorable tax results.

Planning for tomorrow cannot happen tomorrow. We can only do it today.

The day before my life partner died following complicated surgery, we didn’t have ANY of the necessary documents in place. Dan and his team were called in on referral and though time was short, he answered all of our questions, with no pressure to move until we were ready.

Dan and his staff went out of their way and worked all night long in an emergency, yet nothing felt rushed or glossed over. Their knowledge and expertise really makes you feel secure, as if they were holding your hand through this tragic thing that has just happened.

Then later the phone calls came, checking up on me, wanting to know if I was alright, if I needed any help. Who else does that these days?”

Peter Harrington
San Francisco, CA